Junk Mail Remover FAQ

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Q: I get many big viruses and mail-worms in attachments every day. How can I delete those virus e-mail messages more efficiently?
A: Please enable "Get headers for messages larger than..." in settings and set size limit (for example, 10 Kb). The program will only download headers of messages larger than this limit, so you will be able to decide whether you need these big e-mails. The traffic consumption is minimal in this case. Turn on "Sort messages by [size]" for your comfort.


Q: The most part of my daily e-mail messages is spam. How can I remove the spam more efficiently?
A: If spammers bombed you and the most part of your correspondence is spam (or you get message bounces if spammers sent messages with your address in return path), enable "Get all headers" in settings. Turn on "Sort messages by [subject]" for your comfort (or turn off sorting at all).


Q: How can I remove bounces automatically?
A: We put the file "-bounces.flt" in the installation package. This file contains filters for bounces. Add strings from this file to your file "-blacklist.flt" using any text editor for automatic marking of bounce messages.


Q: My server disconnects while I mark messages for deletion. This is very annoying. How can I fix this?
A: Turn on "Keep connection alive" in settings. This can increase traffic slightly, but the connection will remain alive while you mark messages for deletion.